The combination of climate, water and soil in Bulgaria is extremely favourable for the cultivation of this type of rice and it can be ranked among the ones with the best qualities.

PADDY with medium grain

One of the main variety with medium grain,which the company RICE AND FOOD LTD is growing over the last years is Luna,this is Italian variety with crystalline grain and very good quality.

PADDY with coarse-grain

The main variety that company RICE AND FOOD LTD growing is Italian variety Cammeo it is from modern coarse-grained varieties type Baldo with crystalline grain and extra-ordinary good taste.

Some of Our Work

RICE AND FOOD LTD was founded in 2012 and operates mainly in the areas of production, processing and trading with paddy and rice.The agricultural land where paddy is cultivated is situated on the fruitful fields of the Upper Thracian Plain, on the territory of the Pazardzhik Province.

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